Ml knives

Recently completed custom work is this mini kephart with a
tiger maple handle and brass pins/lanyard.

The spine also has hand file worked Ml knives thumb stops.

This knife was set up to wear as a neck carry knife with a
custom hand stitched leather neck sheath.

The leather piece for the neck was hand cut and hand oiled, this was
also left untied/knotted to be measured off by the owner.

Ml knives один

Below is a custom order knife. I just found photos of this as pics were
taken when купить электронную сигарету ликва snow was still on the ground.

This is one of my vintage aged frontier style belt knives from an
original design

The blade is both pattern and patina aged finish about 5 plus inches Ml knives long.

The spine has been file worked and the handle is aged black walnut.

All the pins Как заправить картриджи жидкостью где купить электронную сигарету в волгограде are brass.

The sheath was hand stitched and a custom matching ferro rod was

Ml knives два

A quick look at a close up of some tooled leather that will be available soon.

I had a chance to get out and do a little fishing recently
and I wanted to show you what как правильно установить спираль на дрипку I carry most times.

My country bag that has a fishing kit inside, an ultra light
rod a reel and my carry knife.

This carry knife has been with me for awhile and now I Ml knives am
currently carrying this with a single piece of leather and cord

I will post rolsen rda 640 more about this in a different blog post as well as
give you more details and info on how you can use this set up.

This sheath set up will be offered on my website as well in the

Ml knives три

The kephart below is a custom order with a beautiful stag handle. Sheath has been hand stitched.

Ml knives четыре

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