Wismec rx200s custom screen


The Tron Style wrap is made with a base coloured reflective vinyl and a textured Black or White Carbon overlay. This wrap will Wismec rx200s custom screen add grip to your device while offering the unique style of жидкость для электронных сигарет рязань the popular movie Tron!

All the wraps come with a top and bottom piece


The Vape shop сенгилей default Tron wraps will come with the reflective outline's only

You can choose to add a word to your wrap from the selection box only

If you have any questions please жидкость для электронных сигарет cuttwood do not hesitate to message us and we'll be happy to help

The reflective white is light grey in colour but becomes white when it reflects light

Clean your hands Wismec rx200s custom screen thoroughly from any e-liquid and oils

Then clean your device with the жидкость для парения в германии стоимость alcohol wipe and dry with a lint free cloth

Line up your wrap with the cut-outs for the screen and buttons and gently position around the device

Once you are happy with the position of your wrap apply pressure over the wrap

Use a hairdryer and heat the vinyl until warm and rub all over this vape shop на ветеранов спб will soften the vinyl and allow it to mold to your device

Allow the vinyl to cool applying pressure on tight curves and before using!

Each wrap will be made to order so please Wismec rx200s custom screen allow 2-3 working days before shipping out to you

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