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Last March, I rated 2.5/5 the first edition of Kbox suggested that a second edition would come and fill the gaps of the initial product. I Kangertech subox mini user manual was rather well inspired because the new KBox has eleaf ijust 2 nothing to do with the former version.

KangerTech did not only rebuilt its Box, the added value of this new version is a well-designed kit and an upgrade of the already performant Subtank. In the market of starter kits, KangerTech is becoming a serious concurrent of the leader JoyeTech’s with this Subox Mini, an jam жидкость для электронных сигарет отзывы alternative to the best-seller eVic-VT.

KangerTech is also very strong in terms of commercial target because. I was initially not confident with the position of KangerTech when Kangertech subox mini user manual they launched KBox, but with the Subox kit, I honestly think that such a kit is able to жидкость для электронных сигарет ангарск satisfy a wide range of users, from the complete beginner to the most demanding vaper looking for robust personalising options. And the success is both related to the price or to the vaping styles.

For a price below 80 Euros and regarding the vaping quality, I don’t believe that any other оптовики жидкости для электронных сигарет equilibrated kit is available, to date, on the market. Certainly, one can find better and more advanced kits but also more expensive, or cheaper alternated but more basic in Kangertech subox mini user manual terms of technology. It is worth considering the purchase of two optional batteries (one dozen of Euros vape shop энгельс each) and a good charger if you go with Subox.

In summary

In terms of target, one can hardly make it broader! KangerTech has included in its kit, combined to the Mini Subtank V2, a high quality atomizer

The atomizer or "ato" is the part of the e-cigarette that produces the steam. It is shaped as a cylindric tank that основа для электронных сигарет купить в екатеринбурге receives the e-liquid in which soaks the wick(s).<br /><br />The e-liquid climbs by capillarity to the coil, a Kangertech subox mini user manual resistive wire that is heated to red when powered.

" >atomizer composed of two resistors of 1.5 and 0.5 Ohm and a rebuildable Mini электронная сигарета купить в чапаевске RBA Plus Coil Head.

This Subox by KangerTech is then comparable to the Eleaf/Ismoka’s iStick or the Innokin’s Mvp but with the added value of a magnetic cover, like the Vapor Shark, for quickly changing the battery.

Add to that the ability of hosting all kinds of 18 650 batteries and запрет электронных сигарет 2016 you will get all characteristics that make KangerTech Subox an affordable must-have when considering the overall Kangertech subox mini user manual quality of the assemblage.

My only fear, at this stage, is the longevity of the design and especially of the coating that will probably age дрипка goon rda 24 prematurely because of its sensitivity to scratches. It is however better than the iStick but its fate is likely to be identical. Given the predictable success of this box, I safely bet that adaptable sticks will come out from all horizons and for all tastes.

The showcase of the Subox kit including the Kbox mini is, like дрипка вотофо always with KangerTech, elegant and refined.


The overall design exhales Kangertech subox mini user manual seriousness! When you first open the box and you stop on this Kbox mini, you find that the integration and ergonomics are remarkable when considering that it embeds a 18 650 battery.

The Fire’s position is купить дрипку limitless rdta plus classical but effective and the lower 2 smaller power setting buttons are perfectly accessible and visible. The use of the buttons is also very pleasant and smooth, which is surely a first in this range of price!

For the Mini Subtank V2 that comes with the kit, it fits flush with the Kbox Mini and keeps us on tsunami 24 rda clone familiar ground. Experts Kangertech subox mini user manual may however notice an upgraded Airflow controller, like that of the bigger Subtank, and the use of a new drip tip specifically designed to reduce heat diffusion.

The content is more than complete. You will find everything you need to vape and to build your own gemini rda resistor by using the new Mini RBA Plus coil head. At this stage, nothing is missing except the battery that is not included in the kit. Only batteries with an amp limit of 20 A or higher satisfy to the requirements of the 0.5 Ohm OCC resistance.

The first feeling when handling the mini Kbox Kangertech subox mini user manual kilo e liquids grip is its light weight: 110 grams excluding batteries, 175.5 grams with the Subtank Mini and a total of about 220 grams with the Effest’s purple, for example. This is not necessarily light but weight is quickly forgotten as the rounded ergonomics of this small box fits perfectly to hand. The feeling is very close to a iStick ijust 2 дешево in terms of volume and ergonomics.

It remains that Subtank Mini perfectly fits flush with the rest.

From a consumer’s point of view, the font and colors of the box look inspired by Lamborghini and it is Kangertech subox mini user manual interesting to notice that eVic-VT is sharing the same source of как пропитать испаритель ijust 2 inspiration.

For the rest, my black copy is of the most beautiful effect although of course it keeps fingerprints. Grip is not unpleasant as the first of the name was. This Kbox also keeps the logo stamped in the shell, which serves at the same time as a blowhole. Some will find a bit ugly to see the battery through ijust 2 инструкция по применению this logo, for my part I find this absolutely not disturbing and informative about the presence of a battery or not.

As always with Kangertech, assembly is good and securing Kangertech subox mini user manual the battery cover with 4 magnetic studs is well designed. Unlike Vapor Shark. it does not move at all набор eleaf ijust 2 купить and the strength of the magnets is strong enough for ensuring the hood does not move at all, once in position. This is a real success and it is pleasant to use.

Add to this that the battery contact plate is a fairly long spring and you have a box that is designed for users who change batteries 2 or 3 times every ijust 2 регулировка воздуха day. I would have expected a little piece of rope to remove the battery like on the Vapor Shark.

For those who have not yet purchased 2 Kangertech subox mini user manual batteries or an external charger. you can still use the USB socket located at the bottom of the box and not at the bottom, which again proves the вейп reuleaux rx200 right direction that this box takes. This low position also prevents any leakage of liquid via USB hole.

The digital display is small and comparable to that of iStick, for example. It is however more than enough to read what is essential to vape, namely the selected power, the value of your resistance and battery eleaf 20w charge. Simple but efficient.

It is amazing but I have to admit that at this stage of the Kangertech subox mini user manual test, I have no negative comment to report, and I am notwithstanding particularly demanding. Nothing! Everything is perfectly designed and studied toward simplicity and effectiveness. I am a bit amazed by the eleaf ijust инструкция на русском great value of this product.

Ergonomics, manufacturing, design and weight for a perfect symbiosis in 18,650

The Kbox Mini features:

Subtank Mini features:

After 5 pressures on the Fire, the Oled screen lights up with a brightfull Kangertech! The Fire is very Kangertech subox mini user manual nice and vape shop Суворов looks of good factory and the former settings are kept in memory. The non-detection of clearomisers displays “9.9 ohms” and is not on a clear information.

As I noticed in the introduction, this kit will and can offer you three different styles of vaping, covering almost everything that is done to date, and is прайс лист электронные сигареты perfect for everyone. This Mini is an amazingly versatile Kbox except with regard to the down-regulation that did not convince me.

You can choose to start with the more traditional 1.5 Ohm OCC resistor that, as we know, Kangertech subox mini user manual albeit more expensive in use, exhibits a good vape есть ли в стерлитамаке электронные сигареты quality. It can however be considered for a vape all day that will not consume too much liquid and battery power.

Then, you can switch to the 0.5 Ohm vertical resistor which provides beautiful steam volutes, but will also heat your Subtank and consume a lot of liquid because of a much greater power продам электронные сигареты joye харьков demand. This specific case requires investing in a battery with a discharge capacity of at least 20 A.

One must admit that thick volutes can be enjoyable but it is really not my vape style because it Kangertech subox mini user manual heats so much that, after few puffs, the taste deteriorates and this is факты про электронные сигареты even more pronounced on the fruity liquids that I vape exclusively.

Kangertech subox mini user manual два Like its predecessor the Subtank Mini offers the opportunity to adapt home-made resistors thanks to the RBA mode.

Finally, you can use the RBA Plus provided in the kit that has by far my preference since the самые дешевые электронные сигареты в новосибирске assembly is actually quite simple, even very simple, if you use the prefabricated coils from KangerTech.

You will notice that this basis is now punctured by two liquid supply Kangertech subox mini user manual holes and that the bell is no longer screwed but clipped on it, the whole being secured цена сигареты кемерово электронные by a small screw on the side. The ensemble can be simply loosen without completely unscrewing it and only a small turn is required, which is a great gain in simplicity.

This improvement cleverly wipes out worries from earlier versions that were sometimes blocking on the base, turning the removal in a почему протекают электронные сигареты painful job. Congratulations, this base is even more convenient than the Subtank Plus. It will also allow you to vape on Fatty v3 rda the 100% VG

Vegetable Glyceryn<br Kangertech subox mini user manual /><br />Vegetable Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless viscous liquid that is used in электронные сигареты jykfqy vfufpby pharmaceutical formulations. VG is exclusively derived from plants (soybeans or palm), since some can also be of synthetic origine or come from animal fat. Glycerol is an additive (E422) used in the food industry and a thickening agent or a preservative. Its sweet taste makes it a sugar substitute present in low-fat электронные сигареты one products.

" >VG liquids because of the relatively large diameter of the supply holes.

The pre-mounted coil provides 0.5 / Kangertech subox mini user manual Ohm, which is a little low for my all-day vape, so I switched to a coil of 0.8 / 1.0 Ohm which is my preference in terms of taste for my liquids. At электронные сигареты ritchy в минске this value I vape between 12 and 15 Watts on liquids like Heisenberg or Red Master… or other home-made fruity cocktails.

This new RBA Plus coil, for having compared it with that of my Subtank Plus, improves the taste of ​​fruity liquids and be assured that despite the large feed holes, I электронные сигареты в городе собинка have not noticed any leak. It will require a little vigilance when reaching the end of the tank because, Kangertech subox mini user manual due to the middle position of the holes, a liquid supply default can occur.

Second attack: KangerTech kicks the ball and converts!

Note that the screw thread in 510 and its pad are an apparently of good factory. The электронные сигареты в молдова бельцы plot is not mounted on a spring, which could cause problems with some atomizers but, in turn, is the assurance of medium-term durability, especially for the insulating material.

My Taifun GT2, albeit larger, fit on it after a little turn to extend the connection, and so does my Subtank which certainly электронные сигареты в трамплине exceeds 25 mm.

You will notice that the USB plug allows you to vape at the same Kangertech subox mini user manual time as you charge, it is cleverly designed to stand upward.

In terms of negative comments, you will note that for once I did not identify any major defect except the overuse of my batteries that makes me think that the chip may consume a bit too much energy, at least more than my other Sx Mini-type boxes or Vapor Shark.

One can also add a poor choice in terms of colour. It is white or black but the ceramic finish of my model is of the most beautiful effect.

Finally, as clearly shown on group images, this Kbox is электронные сигареты или обычные adequately termed Kangertech subox mini user manual “Mini” when considering that it hosts 18 650 rechargeable batteries, which is a true performance that goes into the right direction.

Apart from the heat control, nothing is missing in this box and I willingly confess that choosing a kit becomes электронные сигареты казань точки продаж tricky as the quality has recently improved in commercial products. But frankly by buying this kit, you can not be disappointed!

In a second trial in the small world of Box Mods, Kangertech reaches a consensus! The performance of this kit offering for a tight price the ergonomics in 18 650 and Kangertech subox mini user manual different modes of vape is just awesome. Congratulations for the vape and I am jealous of those who will begin quitting smoking with this device!

Gone is the time of Stardust Visions …

Technical review

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